Portex Percutaneous Tracheostomy Kits

Portex Percutaneous Tracheostomy Kits
  • Immediate, minimal delay. Convenience for both clinician and patient.
  • Cost effective, avoid theatre costs.
  • Full procedure pack (excluding drapes) for convenience and to avoid delays.
  • With or without Blue Line Ultra® Tube.
  • Unique Blue Line Ultra® introducer eases passage of tube into stoma minimising trauma.
  • Ergonomic handle design on single dilator.
  • Blue Line Ultra® Tube features tapered tip, soft clear flange and Profile Soft Seal cuff.
  • Tube 15mm connector allows connection to breathing system or Thermovent® heat and moisture exchanger, Thermovent T® (100/570)
  • Kits with tubes include two inner cannulae
€ 565,37
Trachostomy Cannula