Conditions of sale

Article 1

Clausules and conditions mentioned below are all of the agreements and conventions concluded between Henrotech sa and persons wishing to make a purchase at Henrotech sa , despite any contradictory clauses of the purchase order or other documents issued by the buyer, unless other written arrangements have been made between the two parties.

These terms and conditions define the terms of sale between Henrotech sa and the user : on the order,payment and supply they also indicate the various stages of the introduction of the order.

Article 2

Unless clearly stated contradictory mention, our offers are issued without commitment and can be modified at any time.

Article 3

Our prices are listed without any commitment and can be modified without prior notice. An increase of price between the order date and delivery will result in the application of the amended price at the supply. The user can in the case of price increase renounce its order for the still to be provided quantities at the increased price.

Article 4

Any order of more than € 300,00 net is delivered franco anywhere  in Belgium.  For all orders below this amount,a supplement will be brought into account for the cost of transportation. This with a minimum of € 6,50 augmentable according to the weight.For all deliveries outside Belgium, transport costs will be brought into account. Fees are available upon request.

Article 5

The provision is presumed to be carried out at the leaving of our warehouses. The goods are always carefully reviewed prior to the departure, and travel always,even in the case of sale FRANCO, at the risk of the adressed, which has the duty to report any damage to the carrier within the prescribed period on receipt of the goods.

Article 6

Delivery terms mentioned on our website are only valid for information and are not binding. Deadlines are never binding and will in no case give rise to compensation for any alleged reason.

Our goods travel, even if transport costs are exceptionally and by written agreement from us, to our charge, always to the risks and dangers of the purchaser.

Upon delivery, the buyer support the risk  of the supplied goods, despite the terms of ownership of article 7 .

Article 7

The right of ownership will be handed over to the buyer only after complete payment of the price. Until that time, the goods  will never be pledged nor be sold, and Henrotech sa keep its right to recover or to require the return of the goods belonging to him. If Henrotech sa uses this right, this will result in a dissolution of the agreement to purchase only if Henrotech sa states it clearly. In the event of seizure of the goods, the buyer has to inform Henrotech sa .

Article 8

Particular –  International shipping

On expedition to particulars or expedition outside Belgium , a Pro Forma Bill  will always be previously drafted, which must be paid before shipment of the goods on account BE29 -4185-0506-1164 with reference to the customer and invoice number.


Businesses,Liberal Professions and organizations

In expeditions to the interior of Belgium, the invoice follows so the invoiced amount will be paid, after receipt of the goods, on account BE29 -4185-0506-1164 with reference to the customer and invoice number

Exception payment default rule :

-  Payment by invoice pro forma. After receipt of payment,Henrotech sa ships the goods.

Where a term of payment has been agreed, the following points will be valid :

As long as the buyer will not meet his obligations of payment or other obligations,Henrotech sa is entitled to suspend any provision.

The goods supplied remain the property of the seller until the corresponding invoice is paid.

Any amount not paid at the agreed maturity shall be increased of right and without notice of an interest of 15 %.

In addition any amount not paid upon the agreed maturity shall be increased by right of € 125,00 , as compensation for all extrajudicial costs, to increase with the costs that are made if the Court must intervene.

Article 9

All complaints must reach us within 8 days by registered mail. Our guarantee is limited to the quality of our products. If it is defective,our obligations are limited – whatever are the consequences of this failure-  at the price of the product.

Henrotech sa is also not responsible for indirect damages,f.e. for delays in delivery. Also any warranty against latent defects expires, if the mode of employment was not followed or the goods were unwisely processed.

If the complaint is recognized justified, Henrotech sa will have the choice between the replacement of the supplied goods or their repair. Any other compensation is excluded.

Our modes of employment and any guarantees contained in our promotional literature do not invalidate any clauses above and do not engage our responsability.

This limitation of liability is also in effect when, for any reason whatsoever, our technicians have lent assistance or give advice in the choice of the product in use or in the treatment and its use, directly or indirectly.


a.complaints other than those concerning latent defects are not recognised, the goods taken back or exchanged if the buyer has performed other interventions on the goods without prior and written agreement of our Technical service or if the complaints were not transmitted in writing to Henrotech sa within 48 hours after receipt. Henrotech sa reserves its right to the choice between the replacement of the goods rejected for good reason  or refund of the purchase price. goods can be returned without the written agreement of our Technical Service .Such an agreement does not mean that the goods be recognised defective or not compliant by Henrotech sa.The returned goods travel, in any event, at the risk of the purchaser and will be sent franco to our stores.

c.for hygiene reasons, products are neither returned or exchanged. Sold products will only be taken back on the express condition that they are shipped in their original packaging, not damaged and not open.

30% of the pruchase sum will be retained as administration fees.

Article 10

Clauses above will not prevent Henrotech sa , in case of bad payment, to notice on behalf of the purchaser the nullity of the purchase agreement and/or require suspension, as well as the right to demand compensation for all damages.

If the purchase agreement is broken by the purchaser or suspended  at his expenses , fully or partially, he will be indebted to Henrotech sa a lump sum compensation and  without prejudice  to at least 30 % of the amount of the purchase agreement suspended or broken part of it. We reserve the right to demand compensation for any additional damage as well of the expenses still to expose to retrieve the goods or replace  them to their original state.

Article 11

When our provider cannot produce and/or deliver due to force majeure or particular circumstances , beyond our control, difficulties of transportation or any possible conflict (state of war,strike, lockouts, illegimate occupation of premises or facilities, etc),we can waive action for the total or partial execution of the command or postpone the delivery at a later date,without the client being  able to require any compensation.

Where the client itself, following a case of force majeure or circumstances outlined above, cannot accept delivery,the invoice will be prepared at the date of delivery and all supplementary deposit and delivery expenses will be borne by the customer.

Article 12

For orders on , a valid convention is generated between the user and Henrotech sa.

Each order assumes acceptance of the description and price of the products sold.

Each transmitted command binds the client,but binds Henrotech sa only after its written confirmation,delivery or billing .

Delivery terms listed on our website are only valid for information , are not binding and cannot in any case give rights for compensation for whatever reason.

Article 13

The nullity of a clause or part of it does not induce the nullity for other clauses.

Article 14

The present general conditions remain in application as long as Henrotech sa will maintain its on-line services.

Article 15

Only the courts of Antwerp rae competent for all disputes.