Cancellation right

There is no right of cancellation as regards sterile or medical products where the original packaging has been opened. The hygiene rules preclude returns of medical auxiliary materials.



*ARTICLE X – Cancellation right


8.1. Within fourteen (14) business days of delivery of the product, Buyers may exercise their right of cancellation without penalty and without requiring to state their reasons.
8.2. They may only do so if the product and its packaging are as sold and complete, with unadulterated outer film, in an undamaged and unused state.
8.3. All included documentation, warranty certificates, samples and packaging materials must be returned along with the product.
8.4. Buyers must return products to Henrotech NV or must deliver products personally to its address. The costs of returning products shall be borne by the Buyer.
8.5. In all cases, Buyers must request a returns document at
8.6. If they exercise their cancellation right, Buyers are required to notify Henrotech NV here of the product they have received within fourteen (14) business days of delivery.
8.7. The product must subsequently be returned to Henrotech NV in the state in which the Buyer received it, and Buyers should quote their bank account number. The costs incurred in connection with returns are borne by the Buyer.
8.8. Where Buyers exercise the cancellation right as set out in the foregoing paragraph, Henrotech NV will refund the Buyer the sum paid to Henrotch NV by means of a money transfer into the account whose number Parfas has been notified of by the Buyer.
8.9. However, Henrotech NV is in no event liable for any damage (including theft or loss, without prejudice to the generality) that is occasioned to the packaging or product when making a return.
8.10. Buyers may not exercise any cancellation right with regard to agreements concerning the delivery of products that have been manufactured to the Buyer’s specifications or that are of a clearly personal nature or, by their very nature, cannot be returned or could quickly perish or age.
8.11. If the product is received other than in accordance with the terms and conditions for exercise of the cancellation right, the purchase price will not be refunded. The product remains under the ownership of the Buyer, which is required to collect its property from the aforementioned address within two weeks. At the Buyer’s request the product can also be shipped. In that case, the shipping costs are borne by the Buyer.*