14 April 2015
Ultimate quality at an affordable price !!!

Again a sterilizer in our range! The Reer steam sterilizer Easy Clean comfort !!!

30 January 2015
Again a sterilizer in our range! The Reer steam sterilizer Easy Clean comfort !!!

Free shipping for online orders!

09 January 2015
From the first of January 2015 no shipping costs will be charged for orders via the webshop with a delivery address in Belgium, with a minimum purchase amount of €35 (excl. VAT).

Umonium38, efficient against Ebola virus

13 October 2014
Umonium38, efficient against Ebola virus 1- Ebola virus is a pathogen of class 4 (Category A biowarfare agents by the Centers for Disease Control). That means that no medication is available to treat infected humans. The virus and contaminated materials should be manipulated with high precautions and as infectious material ! 2- Canadian Health Authority says that : Ebola virus is sensitive to sodium hypochlorite; lipid solvents, phenolic disinfectants, peracetic acid, methanol, ether, sodium desoxycholate, glutaraldehyde 2%, Triton X-100 0.25%, beta-propiolactone, acetic acid 3%, formaldehyde and paraformaldehyde, detergent like SDS. UMONIUM38, Efficiënt tegen het EBOLA virus Ebola is moderately thermolabile, could be inactivated by heating at 60°C for 30 min, boiling for 5 min, gamma irradiation (1.2-,27 x 106 rad) or UV radiation. 3- One paper by Chepurnov AA1, Bakulina LF et al, showed the “Inactivation of Ebola virus with a surfactant nanoemulsion” (published in Acta Trop. 2003 Aug;87(3):315-20). This nanoemulsion is a mix of detergent and natural oil. 4- WHO and CDC recommend standard health and hygiene precautions to be applied. 5- In his paper “Defense against filoviruses used as biological weapons” in Antiviral Res. 2003 Jan;57(1-2):53-60, Mike Bray affirms that disinfectants based on quaternary ammonium (such as those recommended by CDC) are convenient.

May promotion: 5% extra discount

15 May 2014
On our webshop you can easily purchase all our products. During the entire month of May, you will receive an extra 5% discount on all orders through the webshop above €100 (VAT excl.) This order is valid for individuals and professionals. You will receive this discount on top of the usual discount. In the webshop you can easily search through our products by using the categories and filters or by performing a websearch. You can place all the products in your shopping cart en click on your shopping cart on the top right of the page to go to checkout.

Action: Get one pari tubing free

07 February 2014
Get an extra PARI Tubing for free with purchase of a longlife PARI Sinus nebulizer or a PARI Aerosol device. This offer is valid until 31 March 2014.

Total care using breastfeeding products from Medela

22 November 2013
Medela aims to promote the health of mother and baby thanks to the vital benefits of mother's milk. In our business area "Breastfeeding" we provide you with solutions and lots of useful information about breastfeeding.

POWERbreathe Gamma now available!!!

29 October 2013
POWERbreathe Gamma now available!!!


16 October 2012