Umonium38 Medical Spray

  • Applied with wet wiping, it is suitable for cleaning and disinfecting surfaces and equipment
  • It disinfects in one minute of contact
  • The product is non-toxic; rinsing is often not needed
  • Chemically inert, it is especially suited to treatment of medical equipment such as incubators etc.
  • Harmless to Perspex, it does not cause cracking in polycarbonate materials (ASTM 1110 - F483 - F484 tests)
  • Bactericidal, fungicidal and virucidal, it is effective against hepatitis B and C, the AIDS virus, herpes simplex, the rota virus, etc.
  • Totally non-flammable, it does not produce any toxic vapour.
  • It complies with European standards EN 1040 – EN 1275 – EN 1276 – EN 1650