MASIMO Radical-7 Handheld

MASIMO Rad-7 Handheld      MASIMO Rad-7 Handheld
  • Masimo SET Measure-through Motion and Low Perfusion pulse oximetry
  • Perfusion Index (PI) helps assess peripheral blood flow
  • Haemoglobin (SpHb) to help clinicians identify bleeding earlier and reduce blood transfusions during surgery
  • Pleth variability index (PVI) to help clinicians assess fluid responsiveness and improve fluid management to decrease patient risk
  • Carboxyhaemoglobin (SpCO) to help clinicians assess carbon monoxide (CO) in the blood - facilitating earlier detection and treatment of CO poisoning
  • Methaemoglobin (SpMet®) to help clinicians assess methaemoglobin in the blood—facilitating earlier detection
  • Acoustic respiration rate (RRa™) to help clinicians assess breathing—facilitating earlier detection of respiratory
  • Keep your patients connected with standard integrated wireless connectivity with 802.11 radio & Bluetooth
  • Easy operation with intuitive colour touchscreen
  • Instant adaptability to what each clinician wants to see—parameters, waveforms, trends
  • Powerful trending functionality—select one or two parameters at once and with a simple gesture, move, expand,
  • Device profile light for easy customisation and quick changes to settings with pre-configured profiles as well
  • Unprecedented versatility with rotational screen in the handheld—automatically changes to horizontal or
  • Help assess measurement confidence with Signal IQ®
  • Extended monitoring with 4 hour handheld battery life
  • Maximum safety with redundant speaker system
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